Ten new records of Protozoan Ciliates (Protozoa : Ciliophora) from India


  • Zoological Survey of India, Prani Vigyan Bhawan, M-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata – 700053
  • Zoological Survey of India, Prani Vigyan Bhawan, M-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata – 700053




Flamingo Bird Sanctuary, Morphology, Mumbai, Protargol Staining


In an attempt to catalogue the diversity of free living protozoan ciliates from the Flamingo Bird Sanctuary, Mumbai, and surrounding areas, 10 species were identified as new record to Indian fauna. Brief description, based on live observation and protargol stained preparations has been provided for the species i.e., Anteholosticha intermedia (Bergh, 1889) Berger, 2006, Rigidosticha italiensis Bharti et al. 2016, Monomicrocaryon balladyna (Song and Wilbert, 1989) Foissner, 2016, Urosoma karinae (Ehrenberg, 1833) Berger, 1999, Diophrys oligothrix Borror, 1965, Cyrtolophosis muscicola Stokes, 1885, Leptopharynx costatus Mermod, 1914, Rimaleptus mucronatus (Penard, 1922) VÄaÄný, et al., 2011, Dileptus beersi Jones, 1956 and Pseudomonilicaryon falciforme (Kahl, 1931) VÄaÄný and Foissner, 2012.


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Bharti, D., & Kumar, S. (2019). Ten new records of Protozoan Ciliates (Protozoa : Ciliophora) from India. Records of the Zoological Survey of India, 119(2), 111–119. https://doi.org/10.26515/rzsi/v119/i2/2019/141418





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