About the Journal

About the Publications of ZSI

The Research contributions of scientists and researchers from ZSI and other institutes are being published regularly by the Publication Division of ZSI. Altogether 1542 documents of publications under 16 different series, including Rec. zool. Surv. India - A Journal of Indian Zoology, have been produced by ZSI. The publications of the Survey are widely circulated and have excellent reputation throughout the world. These publications are the main media for dissemination of the results of zoological researches conducted by the Survey as well as outside zoologists on Indian Zoology and a number of valuable papers have already appeared under the aegis of ZSI publications.

Records of the Zoological Survey of India (Formerly Records of the Indian Museum)

The Records of the Zoological Survey of India provides media opportunity for zoological communications dealing with taxonomy, faunistics, biology, ecology and population of any taxon, and acts as a journal of Indian Zoology. This is a quarterly publication with four parts annually. It was started in the year 1907 from the Zoological Section of Indian Museum as Records of the Indian Museum in order to publish result of faunistic surveys conducted by the scientists. The journal was renamed as Records of the Zoological Survey of India, Volume 61(Part1 & 2) onwards in the year 1968. 116 volumes of the journal have been published so far. The volume 117 of Records of the Zoological Survey of India is the first on-line publication of the Zoological Survey of India.