Occurrence of Soil-Inhabiting Nematoda (Dorylaimida and Tylenchida) in Some Protected Areas and Tea Estates of Assam with Four New Records of Dorylaimida from India


  • Zoological Survey of India, M-Block New Alipore, Kolkata- 700053
  • Zoological Survey of India, M-Block New Alipore, Kolkata- 700053




Soil-inhabiting Nematoda, Assam, Protected areas, Tea gardens, New records, Trophic groups


During a survey in 2018, soil samples were collected to explore the occurrence and diversity of soil-inhabiting nematode in some of the districts of Assam state including several protected areas and Tea Estates/gardens which have immense economic importance. The soil samples were processed by Cobb’s Sieving and Decantation Method and the extraction of nematodes was done by modified Baerman Funnel Technique. 25 Nematodes have been reported from several conservation areas and Tea gardens. Among these, 21 species belong to the order Dorylaimida and 4 to the order Tylenchida. Out of these nematodes, 15 species are reported as new distributional records from Assam. Four species, Mesodorylaimus bastiani (Butschli, 1873) Andrassy, 1959, Aporcelaimellus taylori Yeates, 1967, Makatinus punctatus Heyns, 1965 and Nygolaimus macrobrachyurus (Heyns, 1968) Thorne, 1974 are recorded for the first time from India. The nematodes reported exhibited various feeding habits like omnivore, herbivore, predatory & predatory- omnivore.


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Sen, D., & Roy, S. D. (2023). Occurrence of Soil-Inhabiting Nematoda (Dorylaimida and Tylenchida) in Some Protected Areas and Tea Estates of Assam with Four New Records of Dorylaimida from India. Records of the Zoological Survey of India, 123(2S), 505–524. https://doi.org/10.26515/rzsi/v123/i2S/2023/172542


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