Centipede Diversity in Reserved Forests of Southern Kerala: A Preliminary Observation


  • Research Scholar, Department of Zoology, University of Kerala
  • Professor and Head, Department of Zoology, University of Kerala




Centipedes, Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha, Scutigeromorpha


The present study focuses on the southern districts of Kerala, viz., the reserved forests of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Pathanamthitta for the period from May, 2021 to June, 2022. Representatives of three orders belonging to three families, six genera and 14 species have been recorded. The dominant orders reported are Scolopendromorpha, followed by Scutigeromorpha. Within Scolopendromorpha, the genera Rhysida and Digitipes are the most abundant and enjoy a rich distribution in these areas.


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Krishnan, R., & Prasad, G. (2023). Centipede Diversity in Reserved Forests of Southern Kerala: A Preliminary Observation. Records of the Zoological Survey of India, 123(2S), 341–348. https://doi.org/10.26515/rzsi/v123/i2S/2023/172528


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