First Report of Hestiasula castetsi (Bolivar, 1897) from Kerala, India with Description of Unique Male Specimens (Mantodea: Hymenopodidae: Acromantinae)


  • Western Ghat Regional Centre, Zoological Survey of India, Kozhikode, Kerala − 673006, West Bengal
  • Department of Zoology, Vidyasagar Evening College, Kolkata − 700006, West Bengal
  • 65A/6, Swinhoe Lane, Kolkata − 700042, West Bengal



Genital Complex, Hestiasula castetsi, Male Description.


The praying mantid species Hestiasula castetsi Bolivar (1897) belonging to the family Hymenopodidae is reported for the first time from Kerala, India with the description of the unique male. Two male specimens were collected from the Aralam Wildlife sanctuary of Kannur district, Kerala located in the southern Western Ghats. This species is diagnosed by the general form, by the very different form of frontal sclerite, wings and prolonged titillator of the genital. The genital of this species is quite unique and hence its placement under genus Hestiasula needs future research.


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Author Biography

Tushar Kanti Mukherjee, 65A/6, Swinhoe Lane, Kolkata − 700042, West Bengal

Retired from Presidency University, Kolkata




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Sureshan, P. M., Chatterjee, P., & Mukherjee, T. K. (2020). First Report of <I>Hestiasula castetsi</I> (Bolivar, 1897) from Kerala, India with Description of Unique Male Specimens (Mantodea: Hymenopodidae: Acromantinae). Records of the Zoological Survey of India, 120(1), 59–63.





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