First record of three species of Termitidae (Blattodea: Isoptera) from India along with first description of worker caste of Ahmaditermes pyricephalus Akhtar


  • Zoological Survey of India, ‘M’-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata – 700053, West Bengal,
  • Zoological Survey of India, ‘M’-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata – 700053, West Bengal
  • Zoological Survey of India, ‘M’-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata – 700053, West Bengal



India, Manipur, New Record, Termitidae, West Bengal


An addition to the existing 308 species and 53 genera of termites (Blattodea: Insecta), 3 species of termites under the family Termitidae namely Odontotermes hainanensis (Light) (subfamily Macrotermitinae), Pericapritermes semarangi (Holmgren) (subfamily Termitinae) and Ahmaditermes pyricephalus Akhtar (subfamily Nasutitermitinae) are hereby reported for the first time from India. Except, O. hainanensis, the rest two species are endemic to the Oriental region. Diagnostic characters of all three species are provided along with digital images. The worker caste of A. pyricephalus Akhtar has been described and imaged for the first time.


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Sengupta, R., Baraik, B., & K., R. (2023). First record of three species of Termitidae (Blattodea: Isoptera) from India along with first description of worker caste of <I>Ahmaditermes pyricephalus</I> Akhtar. Records of the Zoological Survey of India, 122(4), 349–357.





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