First report of a fish of the family Aploactinidae from West Bengal coast


  • Bajkul Milani Mahavidyalaya, Kismat Bajkul, Purba Medinipur – 721655, West Bengal
  • Estuarine Biology Regional Centre, Zoological Survey of India, Gopalpur-on-Sea, Ganjam – 761002, Odisha



Cocotropus roseus, East Coast of India, New Record


The species i.e., Cocotropus roseus Day, 1875 have been reported for the first time from West Bengal coast on the basis of eight specimens collected from Shankarpur fishing harbour. The specimens were collected during winter along with some specimens of genus Minous.


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Ray, D., & Mohapatra, A. (2018). First report of a fish of the family Aploactinidae from West Bengal coast. Records of the Zoological Survey of India, 118(4), 437–439.



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